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I have completed my first week of Bullet Journal! I have been trying to Bullet Journal on and off for a while now… this time I have decided to make weekly spreads and post them on Instagram, so far it is a success (in term of keeping it up). As of my performance… not too great.

One of the reasons I love Bullet Journal is you can START ANYTIME. My week usually starts on Sunday… not Monday XD but… um, yea (forgot). I also made several mistakes, some I fixed some I ignored. Learning to cope with imperfection is still a work in progress, but BUJO is helping a lot. Happy Monday 😂🤗🔥 (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✧加油! 。 。 。 。【MORE】。 Check out for more resources 。 。
。 。 。
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I have a completion rate of 34.11% on average. There are three factors this week:

  1.  Unexpected life events that completely put me down
  2.  Got sick
  3.  Planned too many tasks

For next week, I need to do the following:

  1.  Learn to control my emotions better so they do not affect my workflow
  2.  Exercise, eat well so prevent getting sick as frequently
  3.  Plan an appropriate amount of tasks


I like graphs, so I created two graphs. One to show the completion % and the other one to show the number of tasks completed. If I only had the first graph, that I would see that Day 3 has a 35.56% completion rate, which is half compared to Day 2. However, if we look at the Completed graph, then we can easily see that even though Day 3 has a lower percentage, the number of tasks completed is actually higher than Day 2.





9/12/2017 – The numbers aren’t correct here .__. I messed up my formula.

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